Daniela, my sister, at age 5. She was 35 when her life was violently taken. This year she would have been 38.

Anna Maria Antoinette D'ADDARIO

In 2015 my sister’s life was cruelly and violently taken from her by a man she had known only for a short while. Time irrevocably stopped and everything changed.

This image is from a memorial project I have been developing over the past two and a half years in response to her loss. At the time of my sister’s death in Australia almost two women per week lost their life to violence. With this work I hope to give Daniela an identity again after becoming a statistic in a national epidemic, lost in the brutal events that led to her death. Restoring her memory through her meaning to me, and her place in our shared past. 

The work is in part, an act to break silence. 

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