Aunty Sue Haseldine, Activist and Advocate, Ceduna, South Australia, 2010


Aunty Sue Haseldine is a Kokatha elder and nuclear test survivor from Ceduna, South Australia. She presented her testimony to the United Nations negotiations on the nuclear weapons ban treaty in 2017.

“We have been poisoned and we don’t need the threat of being poisoned again by a nuclear waste dump — whether it’s Australia’s waste or waste from around the world. We don’t need this stress hanging over our heads. It’s not our right to condemn our children to the risk of leakages or damage or terrorist attacks for ever. This is condemning them to a life of fear. It’s about time people see the desert and arid regions as places full of life instead of wastelands for dangerous activities. Aboriginal people have worked really hard to have their culture and their land understood. We don’t need governments telling us we don’t understand or are too emotional about these things. We do understand the risks and we don’t want them.”

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