Sarah Rhodes is an Australian photographer based between Sydney and Tasmania. Sarah’s photographic practice centres around her interest in how we draw on nature to understand ourselves. Nature inspires us to be creative and it is within this creative process that we experiment and learn. 

Sarah hold’s a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Fine Art and a Masters in Publishing from the University of Sydney.

Her series Play (2008 - 2013) in which children at the cusp of teenagehood play games of survival in the bush to understand their feelings of grief won the 2011 New York Photo Award (Fine Art), exhibited at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) in 2015 and has been widely shown in festivals internationally. The series is represented by Anzenberger Agency.

Home / On Country (2011 - 2013) looks at the challenges Indigenous Australians face in negotiating two cultures through portraits of Elders wearing possum skin cloaks.

The Artist's Lunch by Alice McCormick and Sarah Rhodes (Murdoch Books, 2008), now in its second edition, is a coffee table book inviting the viewer into the kitchens and studios of 18 of Australia's most celebrated artists including Margaret Olley, Jeffrey Smart, Philip Wolfhagen, Michael Zavros and Nell.

Sarah’s work has been published by the New York Times, GEO and GEO Lino Germany, Australia Geographic, News Ltd, Fairfax Media, British Museum, Smithsonian and Vatican Museum. It is held in public and private collections, including the National Library of Australia, AlburyCity and Museum Victoria.

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