Deep in Their Roots, All Flowers Keep the Light

Publication Date: 2019

Artwork type: Limited Edition Photo Book

Medium: photographic

Dimensions: 23.3cm W x 16cm x 1cm D

Binding Type: Hand sewn

Edition Size: 350

Additional: Soft cover with vellum, cotton wove, GSK paper

Winner of the 2019 Photoboox Award, supported by ceiba editions, Photolux Festival and Grafiche dell’Artiere. 

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Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario (artist)


ceiba editions, Italy


Printed by Grafiche dell'Artiere, Italy.

ISBN 978-88-941-960-9-2

Awards/ Nominations

Finalist Ravenswood Women's Art Prize 2021, named one of the best Antipodean books of 2019, Cooper + Spowart. 

“Anna Maria’s use of photography as her medium which has both the potential for forensic analysis and emotive metaphor, conjures her sister through the fragile existence of memory that becomes the journey the reader travels with her.
This work is an evocation of the power of the imagination through art to attempt to make visible the invisible; the make possible the impossible and to make bearable the unbearable.

~ Dr Julie Rrap Visual artist and academic at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, Australia


On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Photolux Festival. International Biennial of Photography, Photolux with ceiba editions and Grafiche dell’Artiere promotes an international contest dedicated to photobooks. The award is aimed to recognize the best unpublished editorial projects, giving them a broad visibility and a chance for publication. The jury was touched by the poetic way the artist worked on grief as a response to the tragic death of her sister. Deep in Their Roots, All Flowers Keep the Light, is a new adapted trade publication of D’Addario’s artist book, Farewell Angelina.


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