The age of 14- 18 is when we change and develop in a way that shapes who we are for the rest of our lives.

For me, it was the most tumultuous few years of my childhood. I was wild and nothing could stop me. It was a time that I never wanted to revisit.

Now as an adult I can view teenagers through my own experience, understanding just how hard coming of age is and trying to reconcile my own experience with the world in which our young people inhabit.

Connecting with my subjects through social media, I become a neutral source for these girls to chat with, text messaging creating a dialogue before meeting. The relationship formed between us becomes integral to the photography, these teens drop the artifice of the " selfie" and allow me into their lives to photograph them without artifice showing incredible openness and vulnerability. 

A sisterly relationship grows organically as I share with the girls my own experiences of navigating teen hood. Our friendship develops and I become a sounding board to text late at night, to tag in memes on facebook and to always pay them attention. In short, I become the person I needed in my life when I was a teenager.

In this long-form ongoing series, I use portraiture to humanise a generation caught between traditional expectations of teenage hood and the strong push by 21st century society to grow up fast. Boyfriends remain transient in the photos, always playing secondary roles in the girls lives. In a world of social media, easy gratification and uncertainty, these teens are the first test case our society has for what a fast evolving world will do to a generation who know nothing different than a life in which validation comes from a virtual world.
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