Women by Women 

Public Art Project

Launching March 7, 2018

Women portrayed by women, is the theme for LUMINA's first national paste-up, public art project exhibiting in March across Australia. 

Marking International Women's Day, the collective is exhibiting images of eight important women, recognising and honouring them in public spaces in major cities and regional areas throughout Australia. The intimate portraits depict mothers, sisters, daughters, artists and activists: a tribute from each member of Lumina. 

“Women by Women acknowledges female figures in our lives who are important to us and inspire our practice,” said Lumina member Lyndal Irons. 

“All have made a strong impact and we are laying tribute to them in public forums across Australia.”

Work will be showing throughout the month of March, launching officially March 7, 2018 across the country in time for International Women’s Day March 8, 2018.


Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, Queensland College of Art, SUN STUDIOS, Melbourne Polytechnic, Launceston Aquatic Centre and EY Centre 200 George Street by Mirvac, Sydney.


Further information on each woman’s story can be found at: 


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